Relocation Law in Florida

Equitable Distribution

Relocation and Your Parental Rights

Attorney’s Fees and Family Law

Understanding Paternity

General Magistrates


Florida Evidence: Business Records

A Brief Explanation of Alimony in the State of Florida

Understanding Child Support in the State of Florida

What is Paternity?

Evidence Regarding Children's Issues

Equitable Distribution

Evidence in a Family Law Case


Dissipation of Marital Assets

Attacking a Child Support Arrearage

Marriage Settlement Agreement & Time Sharing

Memorandum of Law: Whether former wife should be allowed to relocate the minor child to Texas.

Is a Court Bound by the Recommendation of a Child's Therapist?

Marital Bank Accounts: Learn How They Can Be Used During Divorce

Bridge-The-Gap, Durational & Permanent Alimony

What's the Difference Between Paternity & Divorce Action?

Can a person get a credit for child support arrearage that accrued during the time he resided with the child, even where he did not seek a modification order in advance of time the payments were due?

Is it lawful for a court to excuse an arrearage from past due child support to the date when the children respectfully reach the age of majority rather than the date of filing the petition to modify?

Child Custody & Psychotherapist Patient Privilege

Alimony & Standard of Living

In-Kind Payments

Emergency Motions During Divorce

Recording Another Person in the State of Florida

How Does A Personal Injury Settlement Affect Equitable Distribution?

The Rights of a Legal (Not Biological) Father in a Dissolution of Marriage

Domestice Violence & Injuctions

Attorney's Fees For Bad Litigation

Military Divorce

Temporary Custody To A Non-Parent

Discovery Tool: Request for Admissions

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Different Forms of Alimony

Grandparents Rights

Miscellaneous Alimony

Marital Settlement Agreements

Case Results that Work for You

Personal Injury Proceeds in a Divorce Case

Miscellaneous Alimony Laws

Spontaneous Statements

See Our Case Results for Yourself

Court Procedures


Ultimate Decision Making Authority


Miscellaneous Case Results

Life Insurance as Security for Child Support.

Mediation In A Family Matter 

Proper Pleading Boca Raton


Temporary Relief Tampa, Florida


How to Do Pleadings in Florida

Equitable Distribution


Continuing a Trial

The Rule Book of Dating in the Modern Age

Clouds of Divorce Can Bring Silver Linings

Awkward! Introducing Your Children to Your Post-Divorce Dates

Know your Rights about Child Custody During Separation

The Role of Employment in Custody Cases

Minimizing the Negative Side Effects of Divorce on Children

5 Life-Changing Lessons Divorce Can Teach You

Divorce and the Only Child

Kelly Rutherford and the Complications of Custody Battles

Why Honesty is the Best Legal Policy

Does Your Marriage Need Counseling or Divorce?

When is a gift given during a marriage considered marital property?

Unequal Distribution of Marital Assets

How to Find Happiness Again After Divorce

How Dating After Divorce Can be Life's Next Great Adventure

Positive Ways to Cope With Divorce

Alimony Reform and Fathers' Rights

7 Child Custody Facts Every Father Should Know

7 Signs You Might Need a Divorce

How Does Adultery Affect a Divorce?

Analysis of the Alimony Law at its Current Stage

Modification of Child Custody

4 Ways To Keep Calm During Mediation

Reevaluating Your Retirement Plan After A Divorce

How To Handle Returning To Court

Going Through A Legal Separation

Memorandum: Prenuptial Agreements

Co-Parenting After A Divorce

10 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Your Kids About Divorce

Why You Should Hire A Mediation Attorney

Tips To Save Money On Your Child's College Fund As A Single Parent

Memorandum: Child Custody and Dads

Memorandum: Emergency Motion

Memorandum: Gay Marriage

Memorandum: Separation of Property

New Year's Resolutions for Dads in 2015

Memorandum: Alimony

Tips For Filing Taxes After Divorce

Social Media Etiquette and Your Family Law Case

9 Things To Know About Visitation Rights

Tips to Travel As A Single Parent

How Does Parenting Time Affect Child Support?

Help Your Kids Through Divorce

What To Do When Your Ex Won't Obey Child Custody Orders

You're Divorced. Now What?

What To Do If Your Child Is In An Unsafe Home

Who Pays The Household Bills During A Divorce?

How Divorce Can Affect Your Health

What is a deposition?

Tried & True Tips for Testifying

Bridge The Gap Alimony

Litigation and Mediation

The Difficulties of a Gray Divorce

Where Does Your Settlement Agreement Stand in Your Divorce?

Appealing a Family Law Order

10 Factors That Affect Your Alimony Payments

How Much Should Your Attorney Charge You?

A Biological Father's Rights

Single Dads, Kids and Summertime

What is Considered Marital Property?

Florida Statutes on Relocation

How Does Military Deployment Affect My Child Custody Agreement?

9 Factors That Could Affect Your Child Custody Arrangement

8 Ways To Handle Father's Day As A Single Dad

How Does My Past Affect My Divorce Proceedings?

Life Changes That Could Impact Child Custody

How Divorce Impacts Your Tax Filing

Why Men Lose In Family Court

The Battle of Custody and Relocation from Florida

Why Verbal Agreements Don’t Work in Family Law Cases

20 Winter Activities to Do With Your Kids in Florida

5 Tips for Dealing with an Irrational Ex-Spouse

Are you Entitled to Alimony?

Unmarried Parental Rights in Florida

Alimony: A Road Map

Super Bowl Recipe Ideas for Fathers

Where to Start When Considering a Divorce

8 Tips for Dealing with Divorce Stress

7 Valentine’s Day Activities for Fathers

Ideas for Volunteering with Your Kids after Divorce

5 Ways to Protect Your Credit During Divorce

Modifying Visitation Rights

Father’s Rights in an Out-Of-State Custody Battle

Child Support Statistics You Should Know

How to Know if Mediation is Right for You

Pitfalls to Avoid in the Divorce Process

Dividing Debt During Divorce

The Rising Trend of Men Receiving Alimony

January is Child-Centered Divorce Awareness Month

7 Ways to Maintain Civility During Your Divorce

Navigating Divorce for Florida Stay-At-Home Dads

Shifting Family Roles and Divorce: Stay-At-Home Dads on the Rise

Things to Consider When Separating During the Holidays

Facing Divorce: What Couples Wish They Knew Before the Wedding

How to be a Relationship Role Model for Your Kids After Divorce

Divorce: Recognizing Your Child’s Stress Signals

Tips for Long-Distance Parenting After Divorce

Tips for Successful Co-Parenting Arrangements

Overview of Kelly Credits

The Role of Technology in Co-Parenting and Divorce

FAQs for Paternity Cases

Compromising During the Holidays: Putting Your Kids First in Divorce

Addressing Insurance Concerns During a Divorce

Talking to Your Kids about Divorce

New Year's Resolutions for Dads

Common Questions About the Marital Home

Protecting Your Joint Bank Account and Other Financial Tips

Managing the Holidays as a Divorced Parent

Avoiding Depression during the Holiday Season

7 Marriage Deal-Breakers No One Should Put Up With

Mediation 101: Preparing for Mediation

Grandparents' Rights in a Divorce

Easy Holiday Activities to do with Your Kids

Things to Consider When Blending Families

Issue: Admissibility of Mental Examination Records

10 Questions to Ask When Deciding to Appeal a Divorce Case

Holiday Meal Planning for Dads

Children’s Bill of Rights

Divorce in the Digital Age: Protecting Your Online Identity

7 Things to Consider Before Dividing Your Retirement Assets

Benefits of a Prenuptial Agreement

Mediation Basics for Divorce

Working Through Your Child’s Divorce

Surviving the Co-Parenting Holiday Shuffle

Choosing Your Battles in a Divorce

Child Custody: Questions Answered

Protecting Your Credit in a Divorce

What No One Tells You about Divorce

Ten Tips for the Holidays

What is a Legal Separation in Florida?

Divorce during the Adoption Process

Your Guide to an Appeals Case

Retirement Plans and Pensions during a Divorce

Dealing With Your In-Laws through a Family Law Dispute

Establishing Paternity: What You Should Know

Cooking for Single Dads

How to Tell Your Family & Friends you’re Getting Divorced

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