Mediation 101: Preparing for Mediation

If you are going through a divorce in Florida, chances are you will decide to participate in the mediation process. Although it is likely that this process will not be enjoyable, it doesn't have to be unpleasant. Important aspects of your life such as financial assets, division of property, and parental responsibility are at stake, so it is crucial to understand the mediation process and be prepared. 

The mediation process allows both sides to come to a satisfactory result without the hostility and inconvenience that often accompanies court involvement. The mediation process is also less costly than court litigation and can be completed in less time. Considering that mediation can save time and money, it is often an appealing option. Being properly prepared will help ensure a successful mediation for both parties concerned. This is why many people have turned to divorce attorneys in Jacksonville, Florida in order to help them prepare. Kenny Leigh and Associates has six offices serving Jacksonville, Gainesville, Fleming Island, Daytona and Boca Raton, and Fort Walton Beach in both the North Florida and South Florida areas. 

Here is some basic information to help you understand the mediation process.

Gather Information

Before beginning divorce mediation, be certain that you have all necessary information. You will need to provide basic information such as background information about your marriage and children. You will also need to gather information about your financial assets (including debt) and property. This may be a good time to run your credit and go over your tax situation with an accountant, so you have all the information you need. Your divorce attorney may request that a "marital balance sheet" be prepared. This is basically a list of all the couples' assets and liabilities. Your first appointment will probably involve going over a lot of this information and different scenarios set forth by your attorney. The more information you have available, the easier it will be for your attorney to guide you through this part of the process.

Set A Goal

Once you have gone through your basic information, your will meet with your lawyer again to discuss goals and strategies. This will happen prior to the actual mediation. Be certain that you have clear goals in mind before you begin the mediation process. This will help you and your lawyer be able to prioritize and make decisions as the mediation progresses. For example, if you believe your spouse cannot offer a safe environment for your child, you may want to focus on this particular issue instead of trying to "win" every small issue. Although it's important to have specific goals in mind, remember to be flexible. If you can make some small sacrifices this may help you reach a more important goal.

Select a Mediator

Divorce attorneys in Jacksonville, Florida can help you choose a mediator that meets your needs and is best-suited for your specific case. Kenny Leigh and Associates has six offices serving Jacksonville, Gainesville, Fleming Island, Daytona and Boca Raton, and Fort Walton Beach in both the North Florida and South Florida areas. Each mediator has different strengths and backgrounds. While some mediators are experienced in property issues, others may have more experience with child custody. With the assistance of an attorney, you should select a mediator whose experience and expertise matches your situation. It is also important to select an appropriate attorney for your case. Make sure that the attorney's experience matches your expectations for the case.

Reach an Agreement

Reaching an agreement in divorce mediation is all about compromise. Just as you have prepared your goals and priorities, your spouse has probably done the same. Your mediator will be helping to satisfy the interests of both parties. You may think it's impossible to agree with your spouse about anything at this point, but your mediator should be able to illuminate areas of agreement quickly and efficiently while also promoting compromise.

An experienced divorce attorney is an important part of any successful mediation. It is in your best interest and the best interest of your family to come to an agreement as quickly and peacefully as possible. Experienced divorce attorneys in Jacksonville, Florida can help you navigate this process and make it simple and painless. Kenny Leigh and Associates has six offices serving men only in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Fleming Island, Daytona, Fort Walton Beach, and Boca Raton in North Florida and South Florida.

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