Clouds of Divorce Can Bring Silver Linings

When the subject of divorce comes up, invariably it is done so with a negative connotation. While a natural reaction, it does not convey the whole story. A dark cloud of gloom and doom oftentimes follows the subject around, but in truth married couples do choose to go their separate ways because they feel there is something better waiting out there for them, beyond the bounds of their marriage. To keep your head above water, and preserve your mental and physical health, it helps to remind yourself of the positive outcomes a divorce can bring to a family.

Finding Yourself

As you go through the process of a divorce, you may often find yourself wondering where things went wrong, and where your own personal missteps may have lead. It's a great time to reflect on what lead to the breakdown of your family, and where your own faults brought dysfunction. Self-reflection and self-healing are some of the most important outcomes. When your next relationship comes along, you will be ready to enter into it, cognizant of the mistakes you have made in the past.

Better Overall Health

For a long time we've know that telomeres, the little rings around chromosomes, fall off as we age. Recent studies have also shown, though, that they can not be negatively affected by stressful situations, and restored by healthy lifestyle choices. Choosing to end a marriage that is no longer working is definitely a healthy lifestyle choice, which is something that should be embraced.

For the Kids?

Sometimes married couples can both see the writing on the wall, but continue to stay together for the benefit of their kids. However, there's something of a fallacy in that thinking. Kids benefit by seeing their adult role models exhibiting healthy behaviors. Staying married and being miserable with each other can lead to confusing life lessons for your children. It's often better for two adults to go their separate ways and do so in a mature, adult fashion, than to keep trying to maintain a charade that leads to unhealthy choices and behaviors.

Fool Me Once...

For many, divorcing is like admitting that they failed at marriage, causing them to swear off doing it ever again. However, statistics show that those that have been married previously are actually less likely to divorce if they marry again. Thanks to the experiences of their last marriage, they are better equipped for a subsequent one.

There's no denying that divorce can be a painful process for all involved, but if we choose to look at it in a positive light, sometimes we are much better off because of it. If you are looking for a partner to help you navigate your way through a divorce, while helping you to prepare for your life afterwards, look no further than Kenny Leigh & Associates. Contact us today and let us help you with our men-focused approach to all facets of family law.

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