Father’s Rights in an Out-Of-State Custody Battle

Get a Lawyer Working on Your Side Regarding Custody

For many people, they aren’t sure what this means. It can get complicated, but a men only child custody lawyer can help you to make sense of it all. If you don’t know the custody laws for your state, you need someone working for you who does. The bottom line is that until you have a custody agreement in writing and signed or the judge has already ruled on custody, both parents will have the same legal rights in determining where the child is going to live, as well as any other relevant matters pertaining to the child.

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Get a Clear Understanding of Your Legal Rights

Most of the time, the fathers don’t have a clear understanding of what their legal divorce rights are when it comes to the children involved in the case. In most cases, they end up giving up their custody rights because they are worried about losing in court due to a gender bias. By having a men only child custody lawyer working on your side, you won’t have to worry about feeling pressured into doing something that you don’t need to do in the first place.

Take Action Quickly Regarding the Children

The longer the father sits back and allows the wife to make the rules in regards to the children, the greater chance there is that he is going to end up losing out on a lot of his parenting time with the kids when the divorce proceedings takes place. The biggest mistake a father can make is to sit back and not take action regarding his rights in the case. He deserves equal parenting time and potentially full custody of the children, depending on the situation. Speak with a men only child custody lawyer today.

Act in the Best Interest of the Child

By spending as much quality time as you can with your child, you will kill two birds with one stone, essentially. You see, you will get the quality time together that you and child need and you will be making your case that you should get a hefty amount of visitation time or that you are great father who deserves a co-parenting arrangement.

Don't Assume There is a Bias in the Courtroom

You never know if there is a true bias in the court room until you actually go to court and see what the judge has to say. Children benefit from having both parents in their lives. If you are a father who wants to have equal parenting time with your little ones, you need to stand up and fight for what you want. By sitting back and doing nothing about it, you are doing both yourself and your children an injustice.

Don't Let Your Spouse Make All the Rules Regarding Visitation

Don’t allow your spouse to dictate where, when and how often you are going to be able to see your children. Speak with a men only child custody attorney and get a petition filed with the courts to establish equal rights in terms of parenting time for the children.

Don't Let Finances Get in the Way of Your Children

Avoid letting the financial cost that is associated with the battle for child custody prevent you from fighting for your rights. Ask yourself what is more important: being a father to your children during the most important years in their lives or saving money for their college tuition? Whatever you do, don’t agree to spend less time with the children without having battled it out in court or at a mediation hearing. Do what’s right for both you and your children by speaking up.

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