Clouds of Divorce Can Bring Silver Linings

Posted on Tue, Dec 22, 2015

When the subject of divorce comes up, invariably it is done so with a negative connotation. While a natural reaction, it does not convey the whole story. A dark cloud of gloom and doom oftentimes follows the subject around, but in truth married couples do choose to go their separate ways because they feel there is something better waiting out there for them, beyond the bounds of their marriage. To keep your head above water, and preserve your mental and physical health, it helps to remind yourself of the positive outcomes a divorce can bring to a family.

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Awkward! Introducing Your Children to Your Post-Divorce Dates

Posted on Thu, Dec 17, 2015

Regardless of why two people divorce, one thing is for certain, it is not the fault of the children. But they do have to deal with the disruption to their lives, the stress, and the two new directions that their parent's lives have taken. It is understandable that your children will be reluctant to open themselves up emotionally to a new person in their father's life. The initial introduction is often uncomfortable for everyone. Even if you do have custody, their mother can still be involved in their life and create further conflict.

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