9 Things To Know About Visitation Rights

Posted on Tue, Nov 25, 2014

Florida family law has undergone significant changes in the last several years, especially as it concerns a father's visitation rights. Rather than the old model of sole custody arrangements, Florida adopted a flexible parenting system that encourages the involvement of both parents in the life of the child. A father's visitation rights are stronger than ever, but there are several issues that you need to be familiar with.

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Tips to Travel As A Single Parent

Posted on Sat, Nov 15, 2014

Traveling can always be a bit unnerving, especially when you have children in the party. Travel tips for recently divorced fathers taking their own children with them on their own for the first time might be doubly so. When the two of you, along with the kids, went somewhere, there always used to be two sets of hands and two minds working together. But as a single parent, all of the issues that traveling can throw at you will be magnified if you let them.

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How Does Parenting Time Affect Child Support?

Posted on Tue, Nov 04, 2014

When a marriage with children ends in divorce, child support comes into the picture. Both parents are expected to financially support their children just as they would have if the marriage was intact. The ultimate goal of child support is for the children’s needs to be met with no negative impact on their quality of life.

How Child Support Payments are Calculated

There are many factors that can influence the amount of child support each parent pays, but two of the biggest factors are the parents’ incomes and the amount of time they spend with the children.

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