Top Factors that Contribute to Divorce

The state of Florida has the eighth highest divorce rate in the nation. Before you hire a divorce attorney, it will benefit you to understand the top factors that contribute to divorce. Understanding what causes divorce can help a family remedy its issues, preventing divorce entirely or at least making the process smoother and easier to handle. Many of the same factors contribute to divorce from family to family.

Communication Issues

One of the largest issues surrounding communication is that couples can begin to argue more often over time. 56% of all divorced couples polled in a recent survey indicated that one of the greatest reasons for their divorce came down to too much arguing. The reasons why couples begin to communicate poorly or to argue to often is that partners are having difficulty understanding, validating or appreciating one another's perspectives. It can be hard to see eye to eye with one another over time. Communication issues are completely normal in relationships, but the key is to find ways around these issues rather than to allow them to destroy a marriage. Hiring a divorce attorney in Jacksonville, Daytona, Gainesville, Fleming Island or Boca Raton FL can help.

Money Issues

Perhaps one of the most deadly of the issues that can destroy a marriage is money. Finances, even in the best of times, can weigh heavily on a relationship for many reasons. Whether you have enough money to go around or you can’t seem to make a dollar stretch far enough, it is easy to fall flat in your relationship when you disagree about money. One of the most damning factors relating to money issues is how money should be spent. This is particularly true of couples where each person has been brought up with different financial values. While one person might feel that the money they bring in is theirs to spend, the other may feel that it is community money and every decision must be discussed and agreed upon. Strain from money trouble also has a great foundation in blame. Each of the individuals may feel significant stress about the lack of funds and lash out with blame to the other for the problems. Even the best communicators can end up at odds when it comes to finances.

Sexual Issues

There are many ways that sexual issues can lead to divorce. One of the leading causes for turning to a divorce attorney in Jacksonville, Daytona, Gainesville, Fleming Island or Boca Raton FL is issues regarding sex and sexual compatibility. One of the biggest sexual issues that ends marriages is cheating or dishonesty involving sex. Because sex can play an important role in marriage, from procreation to personal enjoyment, it can also play an important role in what leads to divorce. Sexual incompatibility is a valid reason for divorce in states that require a legitimate cause for the dissolution of marriage. Sexual compatibility is often viewed as an extension of emotional compatibility, and sexual incompatibilities can reveal that an even deeper incompatibility exists in the marriage.

Compatibility Changes

As people grow older they often find that their core values and goals change greatly. When people in a relationship start to change their compatibility can often shift as well, particularly if one person changes and the other remains the same. This change in compatibility can destroy the foundation that a couple has built their relationship on. Suddenly, two people that thought they knew everything about each other and believed they have the same goals, are shocked to find that they simply had nothing in common anymore. These changes are not gender specific and can happen to anyone in a relationship, even with excellent communication skills. People really do change over time and sometimes that pulls them apart leaving the relationship lacking in any substance and basis at all.

Even after trying to confront and overcome some of the factors that can greatly affect the likelihood of divorce in your marriage, you may still find that you are beyond relationship repair. If this is the case you will want to contact a divorce attorney for a consultation. This consultation will provide you with some basic information relating to the laws surrounding divorce in Florida and information relating to timelines for divorce. It is important that you are prepared for your visit with the attorney and that you are open with them about your circumstances in order for the attorney to help you develop a plan of action. With five offices located in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Fleming Island, Daytona and Boca Raton, the firm of Kenny Leigh and Associates is prepared to take you through the necessary steps of divorce. Our firm handles men only and family law only in all of Northeast Florida and South Florida.

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