Divorce and the Only Child

Posted on Mon, Sep 28, 2015

Divorce can be difficult for all children, regardless of age. The family unit that they have been accustomed to is now changing, leaving them with feelings of uncertainty. Only children, in particular, may have a more difficult time adjusting when their parents divorce, because they may experience more stress than a child that is sorting through the experience with siblings.

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Kelly Rutherford and the Complications of Custody Battles

Posted on Thu, Sep 17, 2015

Child custody cases take a heavy toll on everyone involved. Even the most amicable arrangements become a struggle for those stuck in the middle. When these cases become battlegrounds that entail drama, animosity, and international laws, they can turn into a years-long tragedy for both the parents and the children. Kelly Rutherford’s prolonged legal fight for parental rights is one extreme example of a custody battle in its most unfortunate circumstances.

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Why Honesty is the Best Legal Policy

Posted on Tue, Sep 08, 2015

During a divorce or child custody case, each party may be desperate for the court's favor. In fact, it is not unusual for both parties to 'dig up dirt' on the other, hoping to sway how a judge will rule on the case. In some instances, this could lead a plaintiff or defendant to be dishonest with their attorneys – whether it's providing information that is untrue, or failing to disclose details that could be pertinent to the case. If you have ever thought that saying less can win a case, you should think again. Being honest with the person representing you could truly make or break a domestic case. Here are a few reasons that honesty is the best legal policy when speaking with your lawyer.

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