Does Unpaid Child Support Affect Credit?

Posted on Thu, Mar 28, 2013

A major concern for a lot of men today is whether or not failing to pay child support affects credit scores. They want to know what will happen if they refuse to pay their mandatory child support fees, in order to decide if they want to keep paying, take the decision to court or just quit providing the payments altogether. Unfortunately, it is not always that easy. Since a legal ruling in court has typically mandated child support, avoiding payment could get a man into a lot of trouble, both legally and financially.

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How Can I Fight Back Child Support Payment?

Posted on Thu, Mar 21, 2013

Trying to fight child support payment is a difficult, yet not entirely impossible process. In order to get this movement started, one must have a viable reason for which to contest the original court order. This can be hard to find, seeing as there are very few reasons that the court will accept as appropriate for overturning the original decision. However, there are a few simple steps one can take in order to get the ball rolling and find the strongest argument possible for the case.

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Top Five Challenges Fathers Face During Divorce

Posted on Thu, Mar 14, 2013

Divorce is hard on everyone, but especially the parents. The father can have a particularly rough time with this process, and even more so when he is not the one who filed for divorce. Here are five things that are often the hardest for struggling men to handle.

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Civil Service Retirement Plans Brief from the Desk of Kenny Leigh

Posted on Thu, Mar 07, 2013

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