Divorce in the Digital Age: Protecting Your Online Identity

Divorces can get ugly, especially in the digital age. When you become truly enmeshed with a partner, you often end up sharing your space with them. Not only does this include your physical property, but also your virtual property. With this in mind, once you are certain that you're going to be getting a divorce, there are a few things that you need to change, not only to protect yourself and your reputation but also to protect your emotions. You may need to call upon prior experience with breakups to deal with the greatest breakup of all: the breakup of matrimony. For more information regarding divorce in the digital age and protecting your online identity, you can contact Kenny Leigh and Associates, men-only divorce attorneys in Jacksonville. Kenny Leigh and Associates has six offices in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Fleming Island, Daytona, Fort Walton Beach and Boca Raton, serving North Florida and South Florida.

Protecting Your Social Media Accounts

Once divorce is imminent, you may want to block your soon-to-be former spouse from your social media accounts and make changes to your account as desired. This is not out of spite or malice. The information you post on your social media accounts could quickly become fuel in a custody battle, and the information your ex-spouse posts may simply trigger negative feelings and despair. A simple post about having a glass of wine with a colleague may suddenly become irresponsible behavior once you're trying to decide on custody for your children. You don't want to give your ex-spouse any ammunition that you don't need to. Likewise, when your ex-spouse goes out with friends to cool themselves off, you don't want to feel hurt or abandoned. It's better that you simply put these things aside and block all communications. Keep in mind that you should block their close friends and family members too, at least through the divorce. You can send them a note explaining that you're going through a difficult time and hope to reconnect with them after the divorce is finalized. Otherwise, your ex-spouse's best friends and family could spy on you on their behalf. Your divorce attorneys in Jacksonville and our other North and South Florida locations can give you more information regarding these changes.

Changing Your Email Accounts

Even if you don't share your email account with your ex-spouse, you should immediately change all applicable passwords. This also includes your business email accounts. Many people have been surprised to find out that their ex-spouse had all of their login information and used it freely to gather information. Your business email could contain financial information that you don't want to release to your spouse, and your personal information could contain personal information about your life that you would prefer not known. Even if your ex-spouse doesn't have your login information, they might have access to a laptop or desktop computer that automatically logs itself in. It's better to protect yourself now rather than regret it later. Your divorce attorneys in Jacksonville and those serving our other North and South Florida locations can consult with you in regards to the items that you probably don't want to freely share with your spouse.

Online Dating: Don't Do It

One of the bastions of the modern world is online dating. After being spurned in love, many people take automatically to online dating sites in search for a rebound relationship or casual relationship to let off some steam. You should never do this during a divorce. While a divorce can take some time, it is almost always best for you to wait until the divorce is finalized for many reasons, not the least of which is your own personal health. When online dating, you put a lot of personal information out there. Your ex-spouse could easily see your account: some are even searchable through search engines like Google. If you act in an irresponsible fashion in any way through your online dating account, your ex-spouse could easily use it against you in custody court. Even if you didn't mean it seriously in any way, a profile that says they are looking for casual encounters within their own home isn't going to be a good candidate for sole custody of a child. You should discuss any existing relationships with your divorce attorneys as well as your ex-spouse's relationships, as some forms of relationship such as live-in boyfriends and girlfriends could affect spousal support and custody arrangements.

The online world is inherently open to everyone. Throughout a divorce, you need to reflect upon the fact that anything you post can potentially be viewed by anyone at all, including your ex-spouse. Even if you have properly blocked your ex-spouse and everyone who knows them, you should still be very cautious about the information you put out there. Never hesitate before contacting your attorney to ask about what is or isn't a good idea.

Kenny Leigh & Associates is a men-only family law firm that serves both North and South Florida, with offices in Boca Raton, Daytona, Fleming Island, Gainesville, Fort Walton Beach, and Jacksonville.

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