The Importance of a Divorce Decree

Divorce is not a one-step process. Much consideration and deliberation should go into asking for a divorce. Many feel that marriage counseling should be the first course of action. However, if it is decided that the marriage is not salvageable, the next step is to find a divorce lawyer. After finding a divorce lawyer, you and your attorney must file the appropriate papers with the court and have your spouse sign the documents to make the divorce official. However, even after divorce papers are signed, there are still more steps to take to ensure that all matters of legality and capital are resolved. 

The Divorce Decree

Your divorce is not actually legal until the court grants your formal divorce decree. It does not matter if you reached a cordial settlement agreement with your ex-spouse, your divorce will not be legal until the court completes your divorce with a decree. The final decree of divorce is described as the court’s sanctioned order granting a completion of your marriage. If the state of affairs of your divorce lands you in court and goes to trial, the judge grants a verdict, the verdict is established when the decree finalizes the entire divorce process.   

Check the Content of your Decree

While the divorce papers are being signed, it makes good sense to “re-read” your decree for multiple reasons. To begin with, the decree may include judge’s orders. If this is the case, you will want to make sure that you comprehend these orders. If you need clarification, don’t be shy aboutconsulting your divorce lawyer.    

The second point is that the decree could contain orders that must be carried out within a particular time frame. Note down all orders that concern you, and be sure to note them in your calendar so that you avoid missing any deadlines.  

Lastly, when divorce papers are signed and a decree is issued, check to make sure there are no mistakes within the document. This could be something as mundane as a misprint or something more central that could significantly alter the outcome of your divorce. You and your attorney should review the decree together to catch any errors.  

Men and Divorce

Unfortunately, men are often caught with the “short end of the stick,” and it can be difficult for men who decide on divorce in Florida. Kenny Leigh & Associates, the preeminent divorce attorney for men in Florida, take on family law cases and puts men at ease with expert advice and professional execution of their cases. They understand the propensity for courts to favor women, leaving the man “high and dry.”  Kenny Leigh & Associates are an ardent team of lawyers bent on helping men receive the justice they deserve. The firm accepts only family law cases, and represents only men. They filled a void that was sorely empty for quite a while. If you are in Florida, male, and mulling over a divorce, you will find five convenient locations in Florida such as Daytona, Gainesville, Fleming Island, Ocala, Boca Raton, and Jacksonville.      

With Kenny Leigh & Associates, you are guaranteed quality customer service. The firm has a good grip of the ins and outs of family law and complete awareness of the stress that legal proceedings can cause. Clients are advised and carefully prepared to face any challenges due to the expertise and support of this men’s only law firm. Their ultimate goal is to carry out the process put before them as proficiently and justly as possible.

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