5 Warning Signs that it’s Time to consult with a Divorce Lawyer

The decision to end a marriage is often confusing and emotionally exhausting; in the heat of the moment, it can be difficult to see clearly. If you're considering searching for a men’s attorney, pay attention to common warning signs that indicate that your marriage is beyond repair.  


Abuse is one of the top signs that a marriage is unhealthy for both partners. If you or your spouse is engaging in abusive behavior toward the other, it indicates a complete lack of respect, which undermines the relationship. Abuse can take both physical and emotional forms; often, emotional abuse can be even more damaging to a relationship than physical abuse. When one spouse continually belittles or shames the other spouse, it erodes trust and leaves lasting mental marks. 

Lack of Connection

In a healthy marriage, both partners are happy to be in each other's company. Even during a fight, being married feels right and true. When your marriage is no longer viable, the sense of connectivity disappears. You may begin to imagine your life away from your spouse and feel excited at the possibility of living on your own. If you feel nothing but relief at the idea of divorce, it may be time to seek out a mens attorney.

Giving Up

It's no secret: marriage takes work. You must be committed and dedicated to work through the hard times, make compromises, and make an effort to improve the relationship. If, upon examining your marriage, you realize that one or both of you have given up, it might be time to call it quits. If one partner is unable or unwilling to work at the partnership, every day of every week, there is no chance that your marriage will survive.


One of the most divisive issues in a marriage is whether or not to have children. There is no middle ground: either you have them or you don't. In some cases, a couple gets married believing that they will or will not have kids. When one person has a change of heart and the other doesn't, it can be an insurmountable obstacle. For many people, the desire to have children is a deep-seated, personal need. For others, the desire to be child-free is equally powerful. If one person capitulates, it can create long-lasting resentment that will damage the marriage in the end—often, it is better to end the relationship amicably by finding a mens attorney.


Often, an affair is the most obvious sign that a marriage is over. When one person finds it impossible to resist their feelings for another person, it can indicate that the marriage is not strong enough to last. Although it is possible for your marriage to survive an affair, the emotional scars are difficult to overcome. One of the major post-affair obstacles is regaining trust, which is essential to a healthy partnership. If you cannot trust your spouse, it is unlikely that you will be able to fix the relationship.

Divorce is emotional and difficult, whether you have been married for one year or 20 years. As you consider whether or not to contact a men’s attorney, it is important to watch for warning signs to gauge the potential for reconciliation. At Kenny Leigh & Associates, we work with men only in family law cases. If you are in need of a divorce lawyer, contact us today or stop by one of our offices in Jacksonville, Fleming Island, Daytona, Gainesville and Boca Raton to schedule a consultation.

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