Daytona Beach Attorney Nathan Carter

As an attorney dedicated to family law, Nathan Carter is focused on divorce and marital issues for men. He specializes in representing men that need legal help concerning child custody, child support, spousal support, and other areas of family law practice.

Men choose Daytona Beach attorney Nate Carter because of his extensive abilities and dedication to his clients. Offering his experience and skill in domestic litigation, he is extremely aggressive in protecting father’s rights and men’s rights.

Protecting Your Rights

Nate is focused on safeguarding your rights in any case that involves:

    • Divorce Law
    • Contested Divorce Law
    • Florida Divorce
    • Child Support Law
    • Family Law
Nate Carter’s extensive experience is backed by his jurist doctorate (JD) degree as a graduate at Coastal Law, along with his bachelor’s degree from Ferris State University. In 2011, he was voted as the trial attorney of the year.

Keeping Clients Informed

As a dedicated family law attorney,
Nathan Carter fights for the rights of men involved in disputes that require professional decisions and strategic guidance. Many of the issues of that fathers and husbands face play a significant role that demands the attention and recognition of the courts. Offering compassionate and skillful experience, he provides his focused attention to each client while keeping them informed and prepared.  Nathan Carter understands the concerns and priorities that men face during this challenging time.

As a prominent Daytona Beach attorney, Nathan Carter can ensure all of your rights are protected during divorce planning by fully representing you in all matters concerning family law.

By Kenny Leigh

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